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Fairfax County Youth Basketball Council


The Fairfax County Youth Basketball Council (FCYBC) is comprised of 29 member youth organizations and community recreation centers. Each FCYBC member designates a Representative to attend all FCYBC meetings for the purpose of conducting FCYBC business, including voting, on matters brought before the FCYBC.


Representatives also are responsible for assuring compliance with FCYBC rules and policies, and disseminating FCYBC information to coaches of their respective organizations. If you have any questions or comments, please contact your Representative listed below.


Executive Officers 2017-18          
Club Role First Last Cell email
FCYBC Chairman Dave Vennergrund 703 772-5867 dave.vennergrund@gmail.com
FCYBC Commissioner Stew Clark 703 244-3913
FCYBC Deputy Commissioner Pat McClanahan  
FCYBC Secretary Gerry Megas   gerrymegas@aol.com
FCYBC Member at Large James Bosley 703 304-2401 jbosley24@verizon.net
FCYBC Member at Large Herb Marshall   herbmarshall@msn.com
FCYBC Member Emeritus Grady Bryant   gradyebryant@aol.com
FCYBC Treasurer E.J. Thomas 703 255-2613 ejt1609@aol.com
FCYBC Parliamentarian Frank DeLatour   Fdelatour@cox.net
FCYBC Scheduler Charles Chandler 703-856-2715 c-chandler1@hotmail.com
FCYBC Fairfax County Recreation Chris Pulley   Pulley, Christopher E < >


FCYBL Reps 2017-18        
Club Name Role Email Best Phone
Alexandria Marvin Elliott Rep                      
Alexandria Ben Matthews Alt  
Annandale Lezone Kenney Rep lezone74@yahoo.com  
Arlington Charles Shaw Rep  
Arlington Alex Eisenberg Alt  
Baileys Greg Williams Rep  
BRYC Stew Clark Rep  
BRYC Steve Bergstrom Alt  
Burke Bobby Seigle Rep 703 568 4973
Burke Katie Hodge Alt < >  
CYA John Enders Rep  
CYA Phil Reed Alt  
Fairfax George Ragan Rep  
Falls Church Jimmy Ruby Rep  
Ft. Belvoir Herb Marshall Rep 703 798 0842     
Ft. Hunt Pat McClanahan Rep  
Gainesville Adrian Gresham Rep 703 725 3196
Great Falls John Brennan Rep 703 581 8591
Gum Springs Marcus Ferguson Rep  
Herndon James Passmore Rep


Herndon Jasmine Faubert Alt rep. faubert@comcast.net (703)405-9483
James Lee Donald Lee Rep  
LDBA Kim thompson Rep  
LMVSC James Bosley Rep  
McLean Gerry Megas Rep 202 464 6091
McLean Jeff Goettman Alt 202 441 6969
South Loudoun Andy Kim Rep 703 300 6669
South Loudoun Jason Murphy Alt 703 336 7038
Mt Vernon Dillon Lee Rep  
Reston John Schmid Rep  
Reston Jim Byrne Alt  
South County Keefe Matthews Rep 571 305 3093
South County David Kless Alt 571 309 9495
SYA Dave Scanlon Rep 703 307 8791
SYA Leo Resquin Alt 571 722 7863
SYC Dan Allen Rep  
Turnpike Lennie Ours Rep  
Vienna E J Thomas Rep 703 255 2125
Vienna Jay Brigham Alt 202 265 1833
Hurricanes Chris Chipps Rep chrischipps@hotmail.com
Manassas Park Mike Arrington Rep m.arrington@manassasparkva.gov  
Manassas Park  Tony Thomas Alt T.thomas@manassasparkva.gov  


FCYBL 2017-18 Board Meeting Dates - 730 - 900 PM Penino Building - Wednesdays



Last Updated: 9/28/17