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Message From the League Chairman
Parent Conduct Issues
January 24, 2011

We have two issues currently being handled by our Code of Conduct committee.  One concerns a parent volunteer who was keeping score, got frustrated and stormed out of the gym in the 2nd half of a game.  Another concerned a parent volunteer who was keeping score and struck an opposing coach after the game causing police to be called.  I think it is sad that the parents of the players are the ones that are causing the majority of the problems at our games.  Our league rules state that the coach of the team has the responsibility to control the parents, not the officials.  Actions that the league takes includes removing players from teams and banishing parents from attending further games.

As a coach in FCYBL, I would not allow my parents to exhibit any behavior other than cheering for our team.  The behavior of our parents is indicative of a lack of concern that exists in society today.  I also officiate in the league and can tell you that it doesn't matter how closely you call the game.  I call more fouls than the average official and I can tell you that what I hear from parents and coaches in communicating to their children or players is:  'You didn't deserve that foul - the official was wrong!'

Until we decide that respect and sportsmanship are tenants of society and teach it to our children, then we will continue to have these types of problems.  My concern is that the parents who are the role models that these children have act like children and not parents.  There are leagues across the country that have taken action because of the actions of parents to not allow parents to attend games. 

My request is that our parents exhibit sportsmanship and respect the officials and other teams' parents and players.  FCYBL coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and parents.  I realize that the vast majority of parents behave appropriately, however if the actions of unruly parents continue, the FCYBL will take whatever steps are necessary to insure civility at our games.

E.J. Thomas
Chairman, FCYBL
January 24, 2011